You Are an Entrepreneur. A Small Business Owner. Or a Sales Leader?

The health of your business depends on your personal productivity. Employee performance. Effective communication. Low operating costs. And your ability to spot opportunities. So you can open new profit centers or maximize the existing ones?

You might sometimes feel that certain situation in your business or personal life take away your focus. Create additional stress. Anxiety. Involve huge risks. Does not allow you sleep at night?

You are the most important person in your company. You work hard. You have ever growing responsibilities. And you feel that the vitality of the company depends on you.

But… you are stuck, you feel unfulfilled. You don’t have motivation to change and move on. Deep inside you know you can achieve much more. But you can’t. Because you don’t know where and how.



We Helped Companies Just Like You:

“Neo helped me with several important occasions in my personal and professional life. First of all, Neo has helped me to define the most important life priorities – my core values. This discovery gave me clarity, focus and a clear vision of where I want to go.

Christoffer Bertilsson, Social Media Influncer

“I had trouble dissolving my guilt associated with enjoying a good life. I have contacted Neo on advice of my wife, as she has recommended him as an expert to help me get back into balance to be able to enjoy what was there already before me.

Romualdas Mačiulis, International Business Consultant

“I first met Neo in London. He was facilitating The Breakthrough Experience course. As an attendee I was really struggling to see the other side of an event with a work colleague. Using his great logic and deep understanding of human behavior Neo was able to help.

Michael Hoad, Actor