Top Performance Institute is a global coaching organization. Top Performance Institute researches, designs and delivers specialized programs for reducing stress and improving resilience, as well as business results in small, medium, and large organizations. 

Top Performance Institute helps individuals to dissolve highly emotionally charged life events, such as grief, guilt, shame, conflict, threat, and other traumatic life events, as well as coaching professionals to ignite their leadership talents, achieve their goals easier, manifest opportunities quicker, improve sales results, and expand businesses into the greater level. 

Institute’s focus – to help individuals and organizations experience more meaningful and inspired life with less stress and no emotional interference in daily business decisions. Top Performance Institute brings well-researched coaching and education opportunities in professional markets and offers 12 programs, tailored for individual needs.

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Top Performance Institute currently operates in 10 countries:

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Our Team

Neo Ross​

Founder & CEO

Neo Ross is a millennial European entrepreneur, investor, speaker, business growth and performance strategist. His dedication to achieving the maximum result in each activity was noticed in his early career. Following his childhood vision, Neo established an international institute with a prime focus to increase human consciousness and achieve maximum results in professional life, specifically among young adults in the area of entrepreneurship and wealth.

Currently his institute operates in 10 countries, served more than a thousand individuals in 122 industries and helped businesses grow revenue and reduce costs resulting in over 40 mln. EUR

Michelle Cervantes ​

Mindfulness & Yoga

Michelle is a yoga and mindfulness instructor offering over 460 hours of experience in successful yoga classes. She has a distinguished background in Vinyasa Yoga and a deep understanding of adjustments on students during her classes. Michelle works with individuals, families, as well as with teams in small and medium organizations. She has studied and became certified yoga instructor at one of the signature yoga center Prana Yoga in La Jolla, California.

Sindre Jakobsen

Associate Business Consultant - Norway

Sindre Jakobsen is a leadership coach, speaker, and the engagement specialist. He believes everyone deserves to live an inspired life filled with vitality, creativity and gratitude. Sindre and his team worked with multiple medium-sized organizations and their CEOs. Together they have helped reduce the time they spend on unnecessary tasks by up to 50%, as well as helped his clients focus on the highest priority actions resulting in a 35% increase in business effectiveness.


Peter Adolfsson

Associate Business Consultant - Norway

Peter is a Leadership Performance and a “Heart Power” coach.  He has assisted professionals to make a long-lasting changes in their life. His experience involves coaching professionals from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, business leaders, influencers, and careerists. The diversity of tools in Peter’s portfolio includes the discovery of ones values,  habits coaching, alignment of the routines, and goals coaching. Peter works with his clients both on the conscious and the unconscious level to reach the goals with less stress.


Our Partners

Christoffer Bertilsson

Marketing Partner

Christoffer Bertilsson, also known as Mr LinkedIn in Scandinavia, is the CEO of LinkedKurs – a digital marketing and thought leadership organization that helps leaders to increase their visibility and influence through social media channels. Christoffer has a proven track record helping professionals improve the use of digital platforms to become more relevant in the “digital age”. He has assisted thousands of professionals managing LinkedIn to develop their careers, increase their business network, and create more business opportunities online. Among the top of his clients, Christoffer has worked with Microsoft, Bisnode, and Klarna, and many other well known organizations in Scandinavia.

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