Join a 12-Weeks Coaching Program to Improve Your Leadership Results

You may consider yourself being a great leader, but what if there is still more room for improvement? Individually-tailored leadership coaching program includes scientific methods, designed for personal transformation in multiple areas of your life. Top Performance institute coaches complete intensive training to ensure they provide a professional service. This program is specially designed for leaders in business, c-level executive and business owners.  

Become a More Effective Leader

Leadership is essential in any professional service. Learn to improve your emotional response to daily situations, remove your greatest fears and any other type of conflicts that might interfere with optimal business decisions. 

Take Back Control Over Your Life 

In this fast-moving world everyone wants to steal your time and attention. It’s vital to sustain your focus in a single area of your business and avoid the shinning object syndrome. Learn amazingly simple techniques so you can use them for the rest of your life and stay focused.

Activate Your Higher Mind

You’ve probably heard about the higher and the lower minds. During the course you will learn to shut down your lower mind and activate your higher mind. When your higher mind is active, you will come up with powerful ideas, get inspired by your vision, and inspire others around you. 



Our Process

1. Contact Us

The first step is to contact us. Use the form at the bottom of the page, or click here: Contact Us 

2. Discover Your Needs Together with Us

One of our professionally trained consultants will contact you as soon as possible to identify your needs. Every leader has different life experiences and different set of needs.

3. Receive Individually Tailored Coaching Program

We design each coaching experience carefully – to fulfill the needs of the client. It’s like an adventurous journey that the traveler will never forget. 

4. Take Your Time to Make the Decision

We believe that every coaching journey is 50:50 effort ratio between the coach and the client. We will not push you to make the decision, because having no commitment from you – we will not be able to achieve what we promise.

5. Set Your World-Class Athlete Mentality

Prepare yourself and allocate three to seven hours each week for the coaching program. Our success is your success. Each consultant facilitates no more than 6 seats at the time. So we are looking to train world-class leadership athletes.

6. Start Your Professional Coaching

The course will take more than 60 hours including your preparation, additional material, and individual coaching. The next 12 weeks will be life-changing for you.

Course Overview

The Magnetic Leader course has three stages:

  • During the first two weeks your will discover your authentic leader profile by applying a set of tools. This discovery will help you gain clarity of who you are, what is your potential, and in what areas you will perform the best.
  • During weeks three to eight you will completely dissolve the unconscious emotional interference that you have collected from previous experiences. We will touch topics such as grief, guilt, shame, fear, depression, traumatic life events. 
  • The last four weeks are dedicated to create a long-lasting vision, strengthening your why, writing a purpose statement and planning the step by step achievement that will guarantee your success.

Course Includes:

  • Weekly individual coaching sessions with experts in human behavior and self-awareness.
  • Insightful homework assignments that leave a long-lasting result.
  • More than 100 pages of the unique content, tailored for top challenges of worldwide executives.
  • An education library for a continuous leadership development
  • Additional resources: books; movies; video links etc.

Achieved Results

1 %
Improved business income by 90% within 14 weeks
1 %
Improved sales results by 400% within 4 weeks
1 %
Improved focus by 80% within
6 weeks
1 %
Removed the interference of grief by 100% within 1 week

Most Frequent Questions

Anyone (entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, coaches, teachers, etc.) looking for upgrade their leadership skills – who want to positively impact their business savviness, intellectual resources, and financial gains.

The Magnetic Leader Training program is based on reproducible methods and incorporates multiple approaches for different outcomes:

Top Performance Institute’s Inner Leadership Dynamics

The Inner Leadership Dynamics assessment is a cross-disciplinary method that allows individuals to analyze, review and extract the unconscious talents of the individual, and transform inner conflict, negativity and desperation into harmony, integrity, inner motivation and strength.

The Demartini Method

The method is a powerful and efficient methodology in personal transformation. It includes a systematic pre-determined series of mental questions directed toward the objective of assisting an individual to feel present, certainty and gratitude. The method resolves dis-equilibrated perceptions created by highly emotionally charged life events.

Neo Ross Vision Discovery Technique

The vision discovery process is powerful tool to extract your deep rooted vision from your unconscious mind using a 45-minutes guided meditation, which was designed by Neo Ross. This process will allow you to construct an inspiring vision until the end of life (or beyond). The personal vision will become your everyday vitamin to enhance your internal motivation, achievement, and purpose-driven capacities.

• Guided Meditations for Manifestation

Meditation has been used for thousands of years. Different cultures practice different meditation. At the end of the training program you will be introduced to a set of meditations that will enable your manifestation abilities, so you can manifest things, opportunities or people in your life easier. 

The Magnetic Leader helps you to empower all areas of your life.  

Spiritual Impact:
• Awakens your conscious awareness about metaphysical laws;
• Awakens and humbles your mind to a greater intelligence;
• Opens your mind to greater wisdom and truth;
• Opens your heart to greater love and appreciation;
• Helps you discover your spiritual calling;  

Mental Impact:
• Helps you transcend the emotions and stay objective and reasonable;
• Explains past events and influence of your present state of being;
• Organizes your ideas and thoughts, bringing order out of chaos;
• Expands your mind and awakens your intuitive faculties;
• Clears away your emotionally charged memories;
• Helps you develop more certainty and presence;  

Career / Business Impact: 
• Adds more certainty and clarity to your career direction;
• Helps you reconnect to your inner vision;
• Truly expands your leadership capacities;
• Increases inner motivation, reduces the need of outer motivation;
• Helps you maintain presence and balance in business conflicts;
• Empowers your self-worth and allows you to demand no less than you deserve;  

Financial Impact:
• Helps you develop wealth through greater self-worth;
• Decreases your emotional blocks that interfere with wealth;
• Moderates your over and under spending;
• Expands your patience managing finances;
• Enables you to manifest more income and wealth in your life;  

Family / Relationship Impact:
• Resolves conflicts;
• Guides you to the right direction and appreciation;
• Enhances intimate communication;
• Decreases fear and resentment in the relationship;
• Adds respect and understanding;
• Decreases blame;  

Social Impact:
• Generates social leadership qualities;
• Inspires to serve and share knowledge with your social circle;
• Helps you attract higher level people in your life;
• Add clarity to your mission and life’s direction;
• Brings understanding of world’s events;
• Enables you to engage in conversations easier;  

Physical Impact:
• Dissolves stress and adds vitality;
• Calms and relaxes muscles;
• Improves sleeping quality;
• Clears emotionally charged tensions;
• Clears some psychological cause of sickness;
• Equilibrates the connection of body and mind.  

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to it’s original dimensions.”

This course is designed to help you achieve transformation, as well as sustain it. The facilitator will teach you how to use the methods, apply in every day life, and sustain ever lasting growth.

The course has a free of charge 45 min introduction and evaluation session. During this session we will evaluate your level of your personal development and tailor the experience to whatever level you are. Some of our clients started with no personal development experience, while some started with a very advanced personal development experience. 

Our facilitators are professionally prepared to train you and deliver the most possible personal satisfaction. 

Top Performance Institute’s consultants are well trained professional coaches that need to meet certain requirements and go through a special training before they become able to teach the program.

The Magnetic Leader program was designed based on the most common challenges of the top level leaders. It might be that you have different needs. That’s why we have a free of charge discovery session to define your needs and tailor the training program according to your personal needs. Some of the classes might be changed based on what is currently happening in your life.

We provide the “tailored” experience. Imagine that you are ordering a new suit. First we will measure your height, weight, then we will ask what fabric would you like, what color, and finally we will produce the suit for you. 

Over the years we found that “tailored experience” can never be replaced by “one size fits all” experience, which is currently very popular in the market.