Many people agree that morning is the essential part of the regular day. “Success” magazine believes that “the key to uber-productive days is to start them off right.”

The topic of how you should start the day is widespread in the media.

Elon Musk was rated among the top 10 most favorite CEOs in the research by the online job interview company Glassdoor.

Let’s take a look how Elon starts his day:

First of all, he spends half an hour addressing, as he calls “the critical emails.” He drinks coffee. However, he is too busy to have breakfast.

Next, Elon says goodbye to his children and to his wife.

Finally, he takes a shower, drives to work and engages in the engineering discussions.

Quite simple, right?

Every individual has a different life’s priorities. It’s very important to start your day the way you love.

Your day will be much more rewarding if you start it right!

In this article:

  • I will tell a story how my morning ritual experiments improved my life.
  • You’ll find the best technique to design your own morning ritual whether you are an early bird or a night owl.
  • You’ll find the most natural way to keep a high amount of energy throughout the entire day.

The simple truth is the way you start your day determines the level of success throughout the day.

Change the way you begin your day. Start it with The Morning Ritual.


I had several experiments with my Morning Rituals. I keep the experiments today.

I plan different Morning Rituals. I evaluate the most efficient technique and I document it. I am aware what gives me energy and keeps me focused, and what distracts.

My morning rituals last for one hour, sometimes – two. They include different activities to trigger my mental and physical performance.

The greatest difference I noticed was when I had 90 days experiment with The Morning Ritual. Then I had 90 days without it.

Based on my research, these are the top benefits you may experience if you start the morning ritual yourself:

  • Your attention will improve and you will be able to focus easier;
  • You will orientate in time better;
  • Your decision making will be much sharper;
  • You will plan better;
  • Your communication will increase;
  • You will easier get in the state of flow;
  • You will have more intrinsic motivation and you will require less extrinsic motivation performing your daily tasks;
  • You will maintain same energy level throughout the day.

Individually you may experience different benefits, or even more benefits. Let me introduce you to the method I’ve combined out of several techniques and that works for most people.


The most efficient way to get into the Morning Ritual is by planning it.

Implement these 5 steps below to guarantee a shift in your daily mental and physical performance.

Before you start – draw 4 vertical columns on the paper.


In all paths of success, there was no single individual who did not experience the moments of struggling and challenges.

Sometimes you may find it hard to be inspired to wake up and go to face the daily challenges at work.

First step of my method: list all the most inspiring mental or physical activities that you love doing.

Complete the task a day before.

Be aware of saying “I should, I need to, I must to, I ought to.” These phrases come from injected opinions – because someone told that something is good to do. And that means it’s not yours. It’s temporary.

Your congruent language starts with “I love to, I wish to, I dream to.”

Dr John Demartini explains the internal / external language in a very simple way:

Inner Directed Actions (Inspired from within)

Love toSelf-Actualization
Choose toSelf-Fulfillment
Desire toSelf-Esteem
Want toSocial
Need toSecurity
Ought toSurvival
Have to


Outer Directed Actions (Projected by others)

If you carefully look at your language, you will see that this graph makes sense.

In the 1st column write down top 10 most inspiring “love to do” activities.

If you are considering starting a new business idea and include in your morning routine, this free e-book will help you to set fundamentals for your next sustainable business:


Decide how much of your time you would like to dedicate for the Ritual.

I usually spend 60 minutes. Sometimes 90, and sometimes 120 minutes.

Plan and schedule your personal morning time. Decide the time when you are willing to wake up and how long your morning ritual will take.

If you don’t plan an evening before, most likely you will fail to get up the next morning on time.

List the top activities and plan when your start.

You may assign the specific time frame for each of the activity. Or you can leave the time flexible and enjoy your new morning experiences.

In the 2nd column write the priority of the activities for the week. Be creative and design different set of activities each morning.

My personal favorite is the BNI breakfast meeting at 7:00 AM with 25 entrepreneurs in the room.

Also, I love “day off” morning rituals, when I shut down the discipline and let myself just to sleep a bit longer.

Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish

Jean De La Fountaine


You most likely have your own personal favorite place.

It’s true that some people and places energize you while others drain you.

Be decisive when picking the place to have your morning ritual.

Throughout my experiments, I was constantly looking for a space that positively impacts my energy.

My favorite pick is the morning meditation next to the waterfall. The energy that comes from the falling water is breathtaking. I connect with nature and I get extremely energized.

In the other place, I can see the whole city from above during the sunshine. The moment I open my eyes after a quick meditation, I see the whole perspective of the city. It’s powerful!

So, now you:

In the 3rd column write down space you will perform your morning ritual.

It may be as simple as your bedroom, your kitchen, your balcony. It may be more exotic, such as a beach, a waterfall, a park, a rooftop, etc.

If you travel, try a morning ritual in a new city. In a place which is not explored yet. Then you can text me your experience. Because I know – it’s profound.


In column 4 write down your experience and engagement level in a scale from 1 to 10.

Measure your own emotions while doing the specific activity. It will help you to design the more efficient Morning Ritual.

Let me share with you some of the morning activities I’ve found inspiring and energizing:

  • Personal prayer
  • Meditation
  • Morning run
  • Bicycling
  • Walking
  • Affirmations
  • Cold Shower
  • Making breakfast
  • Reading
  • Daily planning
  • Connecting with loved ones
  • Envision yourself in the future
  • Group meeting
  • Coaching session
  • Drinking water and enjoying the presence
  • Eat vegetables instead of snacks

You will soon realize that if you start the day in the way You love to – you will attract what you love too.

Let your ritual “live”, become friends with it. Soon it will become your best buddy.


Articles in Forbes and have listed or discussed morning rituals of the rich and famous and highly successful businessmen and women and you may be surprised by how many of the same things popped up for most of them.

Below is a list of some names and their morning routines. See if you can spot the similarities:

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter – Starts his day with meditation, a 7-minute workout which is on his phone, he then has a cup of coffee and looks at Twitter. He also makes time for himself by taking a 5-mile walk to Twitter’s offices and during this time he enjoys listening to an audiobook or podcast. Jack definitely believes in a holistic approach to life and his morning routine shows it.

Richard Branson – Takes a swim around his island to start his day. Okay, yes we do not all have our own island to swim around to kickstart our morning but it just shows again that exercise is a very important component to starting the day on a good note. Richard also enjoys a good, healthy breakfast.

Mark Zuckerberg – Believe it or not Mark’s first thing he does in the morning is – check Facebook – but after that, he also indulges in some form of exercise to help get himself into the day.

Oprah Winfrey – Now this powerhouse of a lady surely needs a set ritual to start her day considering all the things she dabbles in.  Top of her list once the alarm goes off is 20 minutes of meditation to center herself and awaken her mind. Next, she hits the treadmill to get her heart rate up. Finally, she concludes her ritual with some music and a good healthy breakfast.

Now, these are just some of the most successful people in the world and what they do to get their day’s in motion.

I am sure you have picked up that exercise is a definite common denominator, followed closely by a healthy morning meal.

I think what is also important is that these people, these successful, very busy people insist on taking time out for themselves and they start the day that way, that’s a really great way to start I would say.


It would definitely appear that the old saying, “Early bird catches the worm” really does ring true, especially for busy, successful CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and executives.

Iler Sela, Founder and CEO of Slice is an early riser and he finds that getting up early affords him the opportunity to ease into the day.

Nadia Boujarwah, the Founder and CEO of Dia&Co is also an early riser but something she does differently is she starts with some meditation using the Headspace app.

I think what makes most successful people rise early is because they can then ease int0 the day and also have far fewer distractions.

It is a time where, more often than not, they are the only ones awake and they can get their head in the game and set an intention for the day ahead.

You can read more here about some other early risers and how they start their day.


Now we have looked at a few morning rituals and seen that many successful entrepreneurs and business people are early risers.

But the question now is, how to get your body up and moving early and quickly, especially if you are not an early riser.

Following the next 7 steps should help you get up and moving early:

  1. Splash Your Face with Cold Water – The first thing you should do when you get up out of the bed is splash your face with cold water, two or three times. After doing this you will feel no need to go back to bed.
  2. Drink Cold Water – Another way to use water to kickstart the day. Put a jug of water in the fridge the night before, in the morning have a glass and as the cold water fuses through your body it will start to wake up every part of you. It may be cold and uncomfortable at first but it will be worth it.
  3. Stretch and Stretch Some More – Stretching, or even better some yoga poses, are a definite way to signal your body that the day has begun. It will make you limber and get your blood flowing. Yoga has also been proven to reduce stress and also give you clarity of mind.

4. Boost Your Motivation – “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

To get your motivation started in the morning you can watch a motivational video, listen to a motivational podcast, review your goals, to name a few. I would say the most powerful would be to visualize your future success.

5. Go Green – Drink some green tea, a refreshing invigorating way to start the day. It still has enough caffeine to get you going but the green tea also has a soothing and calming effect.

6. Move Your Body – It definitely is no surprise that exercise increases productivity and gives you a more positive outlook.

The big problem is finding the time, that is why it is recommended to do your exercise as part of your morning routine, ideally first thing in the morning, then you are sure to fit it in.

7. Make a Big Deal of things – Starting your day on a positive note is always a good thing.

Making a list or thinking about all the positive things in your life can ensure you are in a better mood and therefore are automatically more productive.


So above we looked at ways to get up and going quickly and efficiently, now we are going to look at other practices you can add to start your day right.


Meditation has been proven to help lower stress levels. Meditating first thing in the morning can set you up for a day full of positivity.

Here we have two kinds of meditation; guided and mantra.

With guided meditation, you need to focus, in your mind’s eye, on a place that brings you peace and serenity. It can be a beach, maybe a mountain range, anything that gives you inner calm.

Now, what do you see? What do you smell? What sort of sounds can you hear? Focus on how this makes you feel. Even just 5 or 10 minutes can have big effects.

With mantra meditation, you basically find a word which had the same kind of effect, a positive affirmation if you will, and you repeat that while focusing on your breathing technique.


Waking up with gratitude in your heart and mind is a sure fire way to ensure an incredible day ahead.

A good way to even start with this is to go to bed at night with that same mindset. A mindset of gratitude. Write in a journal, list all the things you are grateful for during the day. Go to sleep thinking and feeling gratitude.

Now, wake up with that same thought, “Wow, thank you for a wonderful nights rest”, “Thank you for this beautiful morning”, and so forth. Even take out that journal and read a few of your thoughts from the day before.

Gratitude is always a winner. The more grateful you are, the better your days will be.


Getting a hearty, healthy, balanced meal in first thing in the morning is another great way to start the day right.

Your body will thank you and you can thank your body for working efficiently for you throughout the day.

It’s a win-win situation!

Some ideas for good meals could be smoothies with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some yoghurt and honey. Oatmeal with fresh fruit and chia seeds. These are just some ideas but there are so many quick and healthy recipes you can choose from.


So, early birds and night owls,

Some of you may feel instant life changes.

For others, it may take longer. Keep the new morning routine at least 2 weeks.

If you find it hard to stick to your morning ritual – write 100 benefits how morning ritual will help you. You will experience immediate behavior changes.

The more benefits you perceive, the more fired up you will be to get up and start your day in the most efficient way.

With such an intention you will feel more excited.

Other people will notice your passion.

Your energy will help you to finish tasks and attract more opportunities.

This set of tools will help you reach Mars quicker than Elon Musk will do