There are so many platforms for you to network and build a high-level rapport, from Facebook to Pinterest and various other places.

But when you are an entrepreneur wanting to grow your business or delving into entrepreneurship, you need to pick the right place to show off what you have to offer and connect with people who can help you on your journey.

Welcome LinkedIn! This is not just another social media platform, in fact, when LinkedIn first started up there was nothing social about it really, but that has evolved over time. But the main reason people are looking to LinkedIn with a whole new view is that it is the number one place to grow your business network, and fast.

According to a social media influencer and LinkedIn expert Christoffer Bertilsson, “LinkedIn is the most significant business opportunity today for professionals to create a valuable business network, attract higher quality clients and develop a better career.”

I had an opportunity to interview Christoffer. He revealed his expert secrets. In this article you will find the fundamental LinkedIn principles that will help you:

  • Improve the quality of connections you have on LinkedIn;
  • Use LinkedIn as a sales tool and increase your sales results;
  • Become more productive on social media;


Industries change faster than ever in today’s digital society, since 1955, 90% of the biggest fortune 500 companies have disappeared!

This is scary and is just the beginning of what will come now next year, we will see industries getting up and down because of actors who make things cheaper, faster and with a greater customer focus than the competitors, or so many tasks will be automated.

And what does this mean to us professionals?

Well, we have to prepare ourselves and be strategic now and act so that we have a security we can stand on as we get into those changes so you know if you would lose your job or if your work situation would change, you have a tool which allows you to get a new and better job opportunity with just a few pressures.

Or you may want to start working as a consultant or do it already and want a secure platform to reach new, qualitative customers.

A great opportunity for those who want to prepare us and be strategic is LinkedIn, this is a little untraditional social media platform that provides access to a very valuable digital network that consists mostly of people who are in their “prime” career paths.


So this is a gold mine we must learn to make use of to create a digital network that makes whatever happens in our industry makes us always able to fall back on this and gain access to new professional opportunities …

But how do we do this?

Many people use LinkedIn but there’s a very small amount of users who actually know how to effectively use the platform to reach our professional goals.

In this article, we’ll review what you need to know about LinkedIn to begin your journey against preparing you and creating the security that you will always fall back on whatever happens in your professional career …


Before we deal with exactly what you need to be in place to succeed with LinkedIn, I thought we started with some statistics, what does the actual LinkedIn statistics say?

First and foremost, we have a very big growth in Sweden – LinkedIn grows with 900 new profiles per day in Sweden, in 10-20 days, so we have filled up the globe with new potential partners, business opportunities or interesting people!

Most users are between 30-65 years old, meaning that LinkedIn users are usually people in their “prime” career paths.

The majority of users have higher education and earnings of over 600,000 a year so if we want to reach the highly educated and payable segment, LinkedIn is the right place to be on …

The average number of LinkedIn contacts per user is 300, ie when we add a new person to our LinkedIn network, we reach out to 300 new opportunities (we’ll learn more about how this works further down in this article).

Statistics on the number of users:

  • 480 million users globally
  • Sweden: 2.9 million users
  • Denmark 2.2 million users
  • Norway 1.7 million users

This means that more than every other professional in Scandinavia uses LinkedIn so when we are building networks or meeting professionals, chances are that we find them on LinkedIn, so remember to add people you meet on LinkedIn as well – this is a site tip you can bring with you.

Only 20% of users are job seekers so those who think LinkedIn is just a job seeker platform miss 80% of the opportunities, a very small part of LinkedIn’s users are job seekers and the weight is on people who have a good career and this means they can help you take your professional career to the next level …?

80% of users want to connect with other companies and people professionally, the majority of LinkedIn users are high-quality people, and most of them really want us to contact and build networks with them, meaning we who do not use this are missing a great opportunity …

Still about statistics, now we’ll go into what you need in place to actually be able to take advantage of this opportunity and make the best use of LinkedIn.


What is the key to LinkedIn and how we will use it is to think of personal network, this is where you have the greatest opportunity.

When we think of a personal network, we need to look at LinkedIn as a tool for scale-building, so LinkedIn is a network tool.

In order for us to effectively develop and build our network, we need to see every interaction on LinkedIn as if we actually meet the person in reality.

When you meet someone in reality, do you adapt to that person or do you have a generic message you say to all you meet?

Yes, it is clear that you are adjusting to your meeting otherwise the meeting would be very strange …

When we work with LinkedIn, we tailor our communication to the target person benefit.

When we do this, the response will be much better and we build long-term relationships that enable us to develop a more qualitative business network through LinkedIn and we optimize the platform.


The steps you need to have in place to succeed with LinkedIn:

1: Your focus

Before we can start creating results with LinkedIn, we need a strategy, so it’s important that you take a step back and think what’s your goal with LinkedIn?

Once you have a clear goal and focus, it will be easier to work long-term with LinkedIn because you know what to achieve and what to look for.

2: Optimize your personal profile

Everything you do on LinkedIn, if you want to make the most of your personal profile, it’s important to build a good profile that attracts and creates the real interest.

Whatever you do on LinkedIn, everyone will want to look at your personal profile to see if you are an interesting and reliable person.

3: Find the right people

When we have an optimized personal profile in place and a clear focus on who we need in our network to reach our goals, we can use Linkedin’s search features that are unique in comparison to other social media and allow you to find almost who preferably if you use certain criteria.

4: Connect and build networks

After finding the ones we need in our network we will connect and invite them to our network and the key here is – personal invitations we will then tailor our invitation to suit the person and give them a reason to go with our network.

Then, it is equally important to keep in front of our network constantly so that you will always be visible and further develop your networking relationships.

There you have the fired steps you must have in place to make use of LinkedIn and build a qualitative network.


There is a plenty of information and resources all talking about this phenomenon that is LinkedIn and before I conclude I would like to share some of these with you.

One such resource is a brilliant article from where they look at three proven ways you can improve your results on LinkedIn.

Another option is to watch this video on steps to getting noticed on LinkedIn

Thank you Michael Back for the informative video.


LinkedIn has been, for quite some time, fairly underrated in its use as a social media platform to create business connections, grow your business and network!

This article has hopefully given you some insight and some useful tips to utilise LinkedIn to maximise your business growth as well as learn more about yours and others industry niches.

Thank you for reading,

Hope it helps