12 October 2019 – Oslo, Norway

The Magnetic Mind is a live one full day event with the Top Performance Institute.  

It is designed to help you equip yourself with powerful scientific methods designed for personal transformation and uncover the mystical power of your mind. This combination will help you to activate your hidden talents, breakthrough your challenges and empower all areas of your life!

Improve Your Leadership Skills

Leadership is essential for having a quality life. Learn scientific methods that will help you to uncover your leadership potential in a very short time.

Increase Your Wealth

Why some people are wealthier than others? Why you can’t grow your savings account? How to master your area of wealth? Join the seminar and answer all these questions.

Learn to Manifest What You Desire

Everyone has a manifestation ability. But not everyone can. Why? Because emotions block your manifestation talent. Learn to dissolve any kind of emotion and allow yourself to live an abundant life.

Meet the Team



Neo Ross is a millennial European entrepreneur, investor, speaker, business growth and performance strategist. His dedication to achieving the maximum result in each activity was noticed in his early career.

Following his childhood vision, Neo established an international institute with a prime focus to increase human consciousness and achieve maximum results in professional life, specifically among young adults in the area of entrepreneurship and wealth.

Currently his institute operates in 11 countries, served more than a thousand individuals in 122 industries and helped businesses grow revenue and reduce costs resulting in over 40 mln. EUR




Sindre Jakobsen is a leadership coach, speaker, and the engagement specialist. He believes everyone deserves to live an inspired life filled with vitality, creativity and gratitude.

Sindre and his team worked with multiple medium-sized organizations and their CEOs. Together we have helped reduce the time they spend on unnecessary tasks by up to 50%. We have also helped our customers focus on the highest priority actions resulting in a 35% increase in effectiveness on average.



Peter is a Leadership Performance and a “Heart Power” coach. He has assisted professionals to make a long-lasting changes in their life. His experience involves coaching professionals from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, business leaders, influencers, and careerists.

The diversity of tools in Peter’s portfolio includes the discovery of ones values, habits coaching, alignment of the routines, and goals coaching. Peter works with his clients both on the conscious and the unconscious level to reach the goals with less stress.


A Full Day Experience with Professional Facilitators, Many Powerful Realizations, Tears of Inspiration, WOW Moments, and Most Importantly – A Group of Inspired Attendees Who Are Dedicated to Master Their Life!

Introduction Section

Secrets to access the Magnetic Mind:

  • An introduction Universal Laws (ULs)
  • How ULs affect our daily life
  • What is emotion and how to dissolve it
  • What is stress and how to manage it
  • How to access the higher mind state
  • Gratitude, certainty, presence
  • How to expand self-awareness
  • How to access the internal motivation

Transformation Section

Experience The Magnetic Mind transformation by applying the scientific method:  

  • Learn to apply the UL in everyday life
  • Remove the cause of stress or conflict
  • Learn to manifest life events quicker
  • Bring inner peace and harmony
  • Expand your limits of thinking
  • Master your sense of leadership
  • Open your heart to truth and inspiration

Empowerment Section

Empower all areas and learn how to manifest opportunities easier:

  • Your spiritual experiences
  • Your mental capacities
  • Your business achievements
  • Your finances and wealth
  • Your family relationships
  • Your social leadership
  • Your physical wellbeing and health

The seminar starts at 8:30 a.m. and finishes around 10 p.m. or later if needed. We are dedicated to helping you achieve what we promise. Each of the attendees will co-create the experience until the last minute, so you can never forget how powerful is to uncover your Magnetic Mind.  

What Others Has to Say about the Seminar:

Top Performance Institute shares real, effective and result-driven strategies that help get a full clarity and certainty of daily actions. They had inspired me to take more action and dare me to face my challenges. This led me to start sharing my own message to the world. I am more inspired than ever.
Martin Antonio | Entrepreneur
I attended Neo´s Self-Mastery event and must say I´m very impressed with the quality Neo is delivering. I often go to self-development workshops, but this one was mind-blowing for me. Neo and the team will challenge you too. You may find it difficult, but it is worth.
Sara Michelle | Investor
Gradually breaking through challenges, Top Performance Institute helped me to create a blueprint for my future and my life. My growth in both spiritual and personal way is on a new solid level. I have changed me as a more balanced human being.
Harmeet | Nurse
Top Performance Institute hosted his seminar in one of my companies and helped me establish a core foundation for organizational leadership and development. I really recommend to try yourself what Top Performance Institute has to offer. Take your chance today.
Andrew | Serial Entrepreneur

Where: Radisson Blu Nydalen, Nydalsveien 33, Oslo, Norway

When: 8:30 to 23:00 on Saturday, 12 October 2019            

Parking: Hotel Parking (not included in the seminar package); 

What to bring: snacks, lunch, dinner.



The Package Includes:  

1 x Ticket to The Magnetic Mind seminar
1 x Group session to Discover Your Inner Leader
1 x The Magnetic Mind Manual
1 x 30 Min. Individual Strategy Session with a Facilitator
1 x Preparation Material Bundle 




7 600 NOK

Super Early Bird Offer

Super Early Bird Offer will guarantee your attendance to the seminar for the lowest price possible. Additionally, You will have more time to prepare yourself for the seminar: complete the required tests, read the recommended books and watch the recommended videos.

3 800 NOK

The offer is available 1st July – 30th September, 2019

Early Bird Offer

Early Bird Offer will guarantee your attendance to the seminar at the lower than the regular price. You will have enough time to prepare yourself for the seminar: complete the required tests, read the recommended books and watch the recommended videos.

4 900 NOK

The offer is available 1st October – 10th October, 2019

*Repeat attendees prices are available. Please contact one of the facilitators to receive your repeat attendee offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone (entrepreneurs, families, business owners, teachers, etc.) looking for a new experience, who wants to uncover the hidden talents of their mind and make a powerful change in themselves.  

The Magnetic Mind is a full one-day event. It starts at 9 AM on Saturday, and lasts until 10 PM, sometimes even later. The event is split in 3 phases: theoretical phase, practical phase, empowerment phase. If you’re making travel arrangements, we recommend you schedule the transport for the day after the event ends.  

You can attend a part of the seminar, but we strongly advice you to attend the full day to achieve the result that we promise.  

The practical part of the seminar incorporates multiple methods. The most used method is the Demartini Method®.  

What is the Demartini Method®?  

The Demartini Method® is a breakthrough discovery and cutting edge personal transformation methodology which results in a new perspective and paradigm in thinking and feeling. Developed by Dr. John Demartini, it is the culmination of more than 44 years of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology.  

The Demartini Method® is the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation. It is an effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict.  

Learn more: Demartini Method

Among all the other signs of wisdom, you will experience:  

  • Tears of inspiration;
  • Powerful AHA! moments;
  • Unconditional gratitude;
  • Reconnection to your inner vision;
  • Unconditional love;
  • Certainty of truth;
  • Extrasensory perceptions;
  • No fear, no shame, no guilt;
  • Outward silence;
  • Immense feeling of presence;
  • Reduced brain noise;
  • Balance, center, integration;
  • Truly elevated self-worth.

The Magnetic Mind helps you to empower all areas of your life.  

Spiritual Impact:

  • Awakens your conscious awareness about universal and metaphysical laws;
  • Awakens your mind to an underlying hidden order;
  • Awakens and humbles your mind to a greater intelligence;
  • Opens your mind to greater wisdom and truth;
  • Opens your heart to greater love and appreciation;
  • Helps you discover your spiritual calling;  

Mental Impact:

  • Helps you transcend the emotions and stay objective and reasonable;
  • Explains past events and influence of your present state of being;
  • Organizes your ideas and thoughts, bringing order out of chaos;
  • Expands your mind and awakens your intuitive faculties;
  • Clears away your emotionally charged memories and imaginings;
  • Helps you develop more certainty and presence;  

Career / Business Impact:

  • Adds more certainty and clarity to your career direction;
  • Helps you reconnect to your inner vision;
  • Truly expands your leadership capacities;
  • Increases inner motivation, reduces the need of outer motivation;
  • Helps you maintain presence and balance in business conflicts;
  • Elevates your self-worth and allows you to demand no less than you deserve;  

Financial Impact:

  • Helps you develop wealth through greater self-worth;
  • Decreases your emotional blocks that sabotage wealth;
  • Moderates your over and under spending;
  • Expands your patience and wise action with finances;
  • Helps you to accelerate your savings for a greater cause;
  • Enables you to manifest more income and wealth in your life;  

Family / Relationship Impact:

  • Resolves conflicts;
  • Guides you to the right direction and appreciation;
  • Enhances intimate communication;
  • Decreases fear and resentment in the relationship;
  • Adds respect and understanding;
  • Decreases blame;  

Social Impact:

  • Generates social leadership qualities;
  • Inspires to serve and share knowledge with your social circle;
  • Helps you attract higher level people in your life;
  • Add clarity to your mission and life’s direction;
  • Brings understanding of world’s events;
  • Enables you to engage in conversations easier;  

Physical Impact:

  • Dissolves stress and adds vitality;
  • Calms and relaxes muscles;
  • Improves sleeping quality;
  • Clears emotionally charged tensions;
  • Clears some psychological cause of sickness;
  • Equilibrates the connection of body and mind.  

Yes, you will have multiple 10 – 15 minutes breaks, and one 45 minutes lunch break. We strongly advice to eat dinner at the event room because of the time limit and the result we want to achieve.  

Discount pricing is available for 2 or more people who made the decision to join the event. Please contact us at +47 989 05 755 and we will provide more information about the special discounted offer.  

Top Performance Institute AS and Neo Ross offers full money back guarantee if the seminar does not meet your expectations. You have no risk of attending The Magnetic Mind seminar.  

Food and accommodations are not included in the offer. There are multiple places to eat near the seminar location. Coffee, fruits, water, nuts are provided by The Magnetic Mind seminar organizing team.  

Dress casual and comfortable since you were sitting most part of the day. Bring warm clothes in case you get chilly – because of the weather, or the experience!  

We recommend you to have a large water bottle – staying hydrated helps you think faster! Extra pens/pencils, a notebook, and anything else you might think you need.